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Yoga for the Future

How does a YouTube celebrity impact wellness for millions of people?

One video at a time.

You may know yoga instructor Adriene Mishler from her famous videos, but perhaps you’re like me, who knew Adriene’s videos before I realized WHO Adriene was. Then I read about her.

I was a big fan of her videos but couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Online yoga is a very crowded space. But this instructor is…different. If you’ve taken any of her classes, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Check out the title of some of her videos:

  • Yoga for Skaters

  • Yoga for Seniors

  • Yoga for Winter Blues

  • Yoga for Grief

  • Yoga for Hope

  • Yoga for Manual Labor

  • Yoga for the Future

She’s gentle. She’s quirky. The yoga is approachable. There are no ads (purposefully).

Based on an interview published in my local newspaper, less than 10 years ago Ms. Mishler was an aspiring actress and yoga instructor after obtaining her G.E.D. I loved the story about her arriving early to the theater and bringing a tub of yoga mats for people to use. When the theater company lost its lease, she had to pivot and then entered the online space. [Sounds eerily like 2020, huh?]

How does a pharmacist impact wellness for their community?

One patient at a time. Most importantly, beginning with ourselves. Embrace your different. Do things differently. And when your lease is up (or before) share your different with your patients.

Just for fun: pick a word to describe how you’re feeling, search “Yoga for ______,” and see what Ms. Mishler has to offer.

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