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What’s Your AQ and How It Can Impact Your Second Half of 2020

Whoa – what a year so far.

Think about the last 6 months.

Think about the next 6 months.

Take a minute to think about your AQ. Wait, what’s that?

IQ = Intellectual Quotient

EQ = Emotional Quotient

AQ = Agility Quotient

You may have also heard that AQ = Adaptability Quotient and there’s a great article on LinkedIn comparing the two terms [spoiler alert: agility wins].

Adaptability is the skill to adapt to a current situation in order to maximize success.

· According this article by Fast Company, “adaptability is an important indicator of future success.” An author of another article in 2019 stated, that “…employers see adaptability as an essential work skill.”

Agility is the skill to make changes in slow and fast environments. It’s the drive to improve systems, outcomes, and even ourselves. It’s knowing change is coming and you’re already preparing for it. One author describes low vs. high agility quotients to be associated with fixed vs growth and closed vs. open mindsets, respectively.

What does this have to do with pharmacy?

· Every class in pharmacy school talks about how change is new constant

· Every pharmacy you walk into has different needs, stakeholders, and resources

· The last six months have opened the flood gates of healthcare disruption

· The last six months have caused us to want change not just as employees, but as future leaders

Your AQ – the ability and desire to embrace and work towards change for your improvement, the organization’s improvement, and the patient’s improvement – will determine your future.

There are lots of quizzes online to determine your AQ. I created my own:

1. Do you understand the importance of going outside your comfort zone (i.e. simulation lab in school)?

2. Do you see change as the opportunity for improvement even though it means letting go of traditional ways?

3. Do you realize that life-long learning is a necessity in pharmacy, and not just a buzz word?

If you answered yes to these questions on my unvalidated quiz, you are well on your way to achieving a high AQ and demonstrating that in your career.

If you answered no to any of these questions, then think about how saying yes can impact the rest of your 2020.

What are YOUR thoughts on this concept?

If you’re looking for more professional development content for pharmacy students, please check my other blog articles. We are seeking ~135 more podcast guests to reach our goal – please consider nominating yourself or another pharmacy student you may know!


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