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What Moves Pharmacists: My Clubhouse Experience

Yesterday I was invited to attend an event on Clubhouse, a new social media platform. (Ok, new to me.) I was invited by Kimber Boothe, who hosted a virtual summit in February and I was one of the lucky speakers at that event. I talked about networking and LinkedIn and the importance of mentors.

At this Clubhouse event, everyone was invited to speak. Here were the major themes:

· Pharmacists want to do things differently

· Pharmacists are looking for connections and community

· Pharmacists are willing to take risks, despite not knowing the outcome

· Pharmacists want to feel inspired

· Pharmacists have a desire to serve, and are finding out there are many ways to do that

· Pharmacists want to support other pharmacists

· Pharmacists are willing to spend 1 hour on a Saturday to talk about all of the above

Maybe you didn’t catch the summit or the Clubhouse event. Maybe you didn’t have time on a Saturday because you have 1000 other things going on. Maybe you’re tired and can’t see the reason for taking risks, because you don’t know the outcome.

But I bet you have some good ideas. Something that would really make a difference in your workflow, or a patient’s day, or how fast something is done. I bet you remember what it was like on graduation day – feelings of hope and joy (and perhaps a little trepidation) about your responsibilities. Maybe you wish to feel that again.

Lean into the ideas that start as whispers. It doesn’t have to be grandiose; it doesn’t necessarily need a ton of time or energy; it just has to move you, either mentally or physically.

Maybe it starts by spending 1 hour on a Saturday to talk about all of the above. When you’re ready, I know a bunch of listeners.

Until next week,



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