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What is your “Ask Score” and “Giving Score?”

I heard Wayne Baker speak at an online event and I was intrigued by his framework for asking:

How to Make SMART Requests:

S: specific

M: meaningful – share WHY it’s important to you

A: action – what is it you’re asking them to DO

R: realistic

T: time – the window of time would be ideal for what you need

It made me think of my previous vague requests – how can someone help me if I’m not clear with what I’m asking? We all know people want to help us, so let’s figure out a way to help them help us.

On his website, you can take a free assessment (without collecting your email) to provide your Ask Score and your Giving Score. After taking the short survey, he provides your immediate results compared with average scores of other participants. Fascinating stuff!!

I also loved this infographic, which includes some phrases which definitely go through my head when I procrastinate asking for help. (What will other people think? Am I supposed to know how to do this? What if they say no?)

Bottom line: Give yourself permission to ask for help. Find a way that makes sense for you. If it’s not working, try his framework.

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