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We Are Different From the People On Our Teams

If your workplace looks anything like mine, you’ve got a mix of generations and a mix of expertise. One of the biggest challenges leaders face is recognizing HOW we are different from the people on our teams and then taking steps to actively engage the team members. As team members, we need to constantly remind ourselves that everyone has their own upbringing, values, work ethic, motivators, and drivers to succeed. We all have different education from different eras. We all have different life experiences which got us all here: on the same team.

In order to achieve success, we have to realize that someone else’s training is an asset to our team. We have to learn what motivates other people. We have to be open to the fact that it may be different from how we work; they may value something that we do not value; and that they may view work/life integration completely different from us.

On your teams you probably have a mixture of trained professionals. Lines get crossed and the blurred lines help on some days and may cause problems on other days. As leaders, let’s take a moment to remember that we were once the student in the room or the technician in the room. At all levels, people have good ideas and can share the decision table. Our hierarchies aren’t serving us in the engagement department and we risk losing good people.

Our goal as leaders is to always find new ways to engage with your team members, regardless of generation and rank. As team members, our goal is to make that as easy for them as possible.

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