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Think of Your Career as a Lab

Your career will be a series of experiments over time.

Start with your hypothesis.

Study the background research.

Create your aims.

Try to prove the outcomes.

In research, there is no way to predict the results.

In research, you will interact with all types of people, from students to mentors. Some people will disappoint you; others will change your life significantly. Some research leads us to meeting new people.

In research, our interests, ideas, and experience evolve over time.

In research, we understand this well, we accept this, and we pivot when we need to.

In our careers, we fear experimentation. We fear making the wrong decision. We fear commitment without a guarantee. We fear not knowing the right people or having the right answers at the hypothesis stage.

Think of your career as a lab.

When something doesn’t work out, you CAN change your career aims. Change your supplies. Change your setting. Change your team. Do more homework. Meet new people. Think outside the box. Change something and try again.

When you realize that you're PI of your own career journey – you agree to same terms:

there is no way to predict your future, however, you can change your methods at any time.

Career decisions are not finite.


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