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They Don't Teach Corporate in...Pharmacy School

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I looked at my calendar while planning for 18-19.

I knew I had 3 blocks of 3 academic APPE students.

I knew I wanted to do something different.

So I loaned them all this book: They Don’t Teach Corporate in College by Alexandra Levit. No, it’s not a pharmacy book.

Yes, it’s amazing.

I’ve always wanted to help students feel better prepared and EXCITED about life after graduation. So how was I going to accomplish that during these 3 blocks of students?

1. Talk more about it

2. Have topic discussions about this book

3. Arrange alumni meet-ups to discuss concepts from the book

4. Survey the students

Let’s start with data, because well, you know.

Of the students who completed the survey (n=7):

· Most stated that they believe business-related content should be included in the pharmacy curriculum

· Most students stated that they DON’T have a mentor

· Most students stated they are worried about their ability to be successful in their careers

We have a lot of work to do to tackle these three items:

· Curriculums already include business-related courses – what is missing in order to reach the students?

· Our colleges are filled with mentors – why aren’t students connecting with them?

· Colleges love to give advice for successful careers – what worries are we not addressing?

I want to be part of the solution – are you with me?

If you are a STUDENT or FACULTY: how can we address their concerns? Comment below or here:

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Look for a future blog post for more details on this book - new edition coming Fall 2019.


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