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The Why

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

It all started last year.

Working with a group of APPE students, I came to realize that they craved content that is not always found in traditional pharmacy education.

So I dove in to learn more. 

Today's PharmD needs more of this for their career:

Personal Development

Professional Development

Time and Attention Devoted to Their Best Fit in Today's Market

I wanted to be a part of the solution.

As a pharmacy educator, I've dedicated my career to reminding students

what's really important, what's really needed, and what's really worth it.

My passion for training the next generation of pharmacists has led me here.


Provide tools for students to make the most out of pharmacy school

Pharmacy students have so much to offer!

In a busy, crowded world, YOU are important and YOUR ideas matter.

Start by showing up here, and you'll start to show up everywhere.

What questions do YOU have about how to make the most out of pharmacy school?

Comment below or here:


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