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The Things We Never Say

I’ll never forget that day

After class you came up to me

You said, hello my name is

And I want you to know

That you’re the only pharmacist I’ve heard say:

“I love my job. I love days like today.”

And then you were gone

There I was

Thinking of all the things we never say

But need to be heard anyway

What DO you hear?

That pharmacy is dying?

That we are miserable?

That there are no jobs to be loved?

There I was

Left dumbfounded at my ignorance

That this comment was not frivolous at all

That the ones who love their jobs

That the ones who have listening ears all around them

Maybe aren’t loud enough

Maybe don’t feel strong enough

Maybe are missing the most important slide of all

So now in class I say:

Hello my name is

I hear the noise too

And I want you to know

There is a place for you

If you’re ok with letting go

of what we’ve always known.

And our voices are becoming louder

And we are growing stronger

Thank you, dear student

For an unforgettable day

Post an example of why YOU love your job with #ilovemyjob and a reason why you can say #ilovedaysliketoday.

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