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The Gift of January

Every year, December comes and December goes.

It lovingly ambushes our calendars, routines, directions, plans, and behaviors.

It’s wrapped in silver and gold, smells like evergreen, and stretches us – in many ways.

December’s gift is joy. Joy that’s felt when new memories spark or touch or exceed the old memories. Joy that helps us turn off work and school. Joy that reminds us presence is the real present. This fills us up –so much so, that we start to count down the days to hit the release button.

January’s gift is allure.

The allure of starting fresh, starting over, or maybe starting something again.

The appeal of a new year – one that seduces us with hope for days with more smiles, fights that last more rounds, and the strength to keep going until 12/31 again.

January reminds us that time does not stop. Not for big decisions, little humans, or anything in between.

January doesn’t care if you’re not ready. January is awfully punctual but promises new beginnings, new chapters, and perhaps new paths.

Students: You will turn the corner of December/January and become closer to graduation, regardless of your year. How prepared do you feel for your cap and gown? Next December, what can you say you accomplished? How can you use Jan to Dec to the best of your abilities? Who can you ask for help?

January is on our doorstep – bearing the gift of allure – how will you use it?


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