The Gift of a Positive Character

You probably remember working with a pharmacist who was always positive regardless of the chaos around them. You wonder, how do they do that? There are fires everywhere: phones ringing off the hook, angry patients, and never-ending tasks. With growling bellies and tired feet, these pharmacists seemed to always stay calm. Realistic. Positive. Resilient. Later in your career, when you’re asked who has exemplified leadership, you will think of this person.

The one who asked about you because they genuinely wanted to know.

The one who treated everyone like they belonged.

The one who could effortlessly talk to a patient who is sick of waiting and frustrated with copays.

The one who found a laugh in the most dire circumstances.

The one who never questioned why they were there; just how could they help more.

The one who used words like team instead of blame.

The one you felt you could ask anything and not feel like an idiot.

The one who probably would never win an award but it’s probably not their style.

The one who didn’t need sessions on engagement and experience because they were a natural.

The one you silently promised yourself that you would emulate.

The one who changed you because they gifted you this experience.

It’s not too late to be the leader you once had. It’s not too late to be the leader you wish you had.

Even in tough times, a positive character changes the atmosphere and changes us.

You’ve experienced it – now go be it.


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