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The Data Speaks: Leaders Who Are Strong in Character Do These 3 Things

This TED talk, Psychopaths in the C-suite, was fascinating. Spoiler: there was not much data on psychopathic leaders. Interestingly that didn’t matter as much as the OTHER end of the curve: Strong Character Leaders.

In his research, Dr. Fred Kiel describes his study of 100 CEOs. He and his team asked employees a set a questions and then ranked each CEO based on a ‘character score.’

The results:

1. Character matters. In fact, it’s associated with a significantly higher return on assets.

2. Character can be taught. What? Yup. Here’s why:

The Strong Character Leaders all had the SAME habits. And since habits can be started, stopped, modified – and taught – then they form the building blocks of character.

Can you guess the 3 main habits that the Strong Character Leaders exhibited?

1. Empathy

2. Putting Others First

3. Admitting Mistakes

In pharmacy, how often do you see these habits in our leaders? In ourselves?

Check out the TED talk (and his book) – learn more about his study and how he described these 3 habits. I loved how he ended his talk by expressing his dream for the future.

Thank you, Dr. Kiel, for pursuing these data and for putting your dream out into the world.

Pharmacy friends: We can start building these 3 habits – imagine the return on our assets.

Until next week,


ps. I'm collecting some stories for an upcoming blog - if you're ever taken a leadership course or certificate program - please email me!


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