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The Class You Shouldn't Skip: A Guide to Midyear and the Application Cycle Tools

So thrilled to write a guest blog post for CEImpact! Not only that, but we've created THREE key videos to help you prepare for job/residency/fellowship submission and interview prep! Bonus for my community only: a raffled promo code is coming our way very soon!

Reposting the blog here!

The Class You Shouldn’t Skip

We know the numbers: the demand for post-graduation residency and fellowships far exceeds the supply. With ASHP generously announcing a free virtual Midyear Meeting this year, there is expected to be even MORE student presence than previous years. Your first reaction may be worry or stress regarding how to navigate this situation, however, there’s one area you can focus on to help reduce that overwhelm: PREPARATION.

Hi, my name is Brooke and I’m a professor and founder of I have mentored hundreds of students throughout my career who have successfully navigated Midyear AND the post-Midyear hustle because of the prep we did in CV writing, cover letter writing, and interview tips. This year, interviews will most likely be held virtually so I’ve developed some key strategies to make this less daunting.

This year I’ve teamed up with CEimpact to give you a one-of-a-kind program that walks you step-by-step through 3 main areas of Midyear prep:

  1. CV writing

  2. Cover letter writing

  3. Virtual interview tips

Here are some key highlights from this series:

  • Your CV gets you the interview. This HAS to accurately reflect your experience and education to date. We’re going to cover content, formatting, what to include, and how to organize each section. I review student CVs for many national organizations so I’m aware of the caliber of your colleagues’ CVs.

  • Your COVER LETTER tells your story. This is a strategically-written manifesto of WHY you want this position, HOW you are qualified, and WHAT you will bring to the table. We are going to break down each paragraph so you have a very clear idea of what to write in your own words.

  • Your VIRTUAL INTERVIEW is a glimpse of what it will be like to work with you. Your mannerisms, background, and personality will ALL be assessed. We are going to talk about how to convey confidence, team spirit, and enthusiasm. Don’t skip this last part of the process! Learn everything you can about this so they will have no reservations about working with you.

The students who put the effort into preparing for this Midyear meeting and application cycle will be the ones who stand apart from their competition.

What are you waiting for? Take the Midyear Prep course! About Brooke Griffin, PharmD, BCACP Looking for more networking and guidance?  Join the 21st century PharmD community.  I created this virtual platform for students, new grads, and pharmacists to obtain personal and professional development that is, let’s just say, a little outside the box. If you are craving networking in a safe space, learning about innovative pharmacy initiatives, and growing as a professional, then check out our website and private facebook group! About CEimpact Looking for a way to brush up clinically without having to cram for NAPLEX? Sign up for CEimpact’s subscription service and get up to 3 ways to stay up to date during your rotation year. A monthly Journal Club to keep your stats skills sharp, a weekly podcast to gain GameChangers-level growth, and a weekly clinical Q&A to brush up on best practices. All with special student pricing, starting at FREE. CEimpact is an industry leader in pharmacy education and training. Our learning experiences empower healthcare professionals and support their lifelong learning journey. Come along!


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