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Pandemic Side Effect: Compression. Prevented By: 4-day Workweek?

The CEO of Kickstarter, Aziz Hasan, recently said this, “What we’ve been all living through the last 18 months, you feel this compression on your professional life, your personal life."

He was being interviewed because he just announced that Kickstarter will move to a 4-day, 32-hour workweek starting in 2022.

Compression: is that what we’re feeling?

Remember pre-Covid pharmacy stress? That was too much. Sixteen months later, it still feels like too much. Our leaders are tired. Our companies’ boats are taking on water. Our colleagues are fighting to hang on.

The question is, how compressed do we have to feel before it becomes too much for us as individuals?

Let us be inspired by the companies around the world who are changing the norms. And by the CEOs who understand the blurred lines between our personal and professional lives. And by our coworkers, who are brave enough to say ENOUGH before it becomes unsafe.

We can think outside of the box. We can change the status quo. We can come to work feeling engaged and energized. We can bring our best selves to work and home. It’s possible. It’s starting. Thank you to those companies in Japan, Spain, New Zealand, and the Philippines for doing the pilot studies. Thank you, Kickstarter, for trying something new.

  • Will it solve everything? No.

  • Are there other ways CEOs can support their employees? Definitely.

  • Are a lot of pharmacists already working 4 days/week? Probably.

  • Are there many more who need it? Yes.

  • Do our patients deserve engaged and energized pharmacists, in both direct and indirect roles? Yes.

  • Are you ready for change? ______

Have you read an article recently that inspired you? Share below!

Until next week,



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