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Networking: It’s Not Just About You

Brand expert Dorie Clark says: “Networking isn’t just about building up your own list of contacts. It’s also about enriching the lives of others around you by putting them in touch with people it would be helpful for them to meet.”

Let’s imagine you’re at a live, in-person pharmacy conference (wild, right?). And let’s say there’s a networking social hour.

  • What would be your reaction if I said this to you: “I think you should go because you’ll meet people who can definitely help you in your career.” Your reaction would probably be: Ugh. What does that even mean? Help me how?

  • But what if I said this to you: “I think you should go to hear what some pharmacists are doing and you can bring their stories back to your colleagues who couldn’t attend this meeting.” Your reaction may be: Oh, ok, I guess I can see the value in that.

Your #1 networking goal: to gain information.

What you do with that information is up to you.

Think about how can you adopt this mindset the next time you hear the word: NETWORKING.

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