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Leading When Pharmacy is Tired

“Pandemic fatigue” is real and it’s everywhere. Leaders and teams are struggling with supporting each other while navigating chaos. This Harvard Business Review article described 3 strategies on how to get through and I’ve summarized them below:

Understand the difference between urgency and importance

Right now organizations are choosing to place projects on the ‘back burner’ because, well…Covid. The authors of this article suggest that we should be doing the opposite: don’t wait until Covid is “over” before addressing emerging issues in our field. In essence, don’t take your eye off of the future just to put out today’s fires. When we understand the difference between what’s urgent and important, we may realize we have the capacity to address both.

Balancing comfort with containment

Leaders can reduce anxiety by taking time to listen to their concerns, be willing to say what they don’t know, and recognize people’s accomplishments with specific examples. That is comfort. Containment is providing the stability needed so that everyone can find their ‘second wind’ and think about future challenges (similar theme to above).

Find new ways to energize yourself and others

Surprisingly this suggestion starts with managing our own minds. Do we think that problems are temporary and we will overcome them? Or do we think that the problems are too great to be overcome and we can’t see any alternative outcome? The authors state the being a resilient leader will help energize others to see the HOW behind the standard “we will get through this” message.

What strategies have worked with your team?

If you are leading any teams, then please read our guest blog from last week by Ann Klemz, PharmD, BCPS: Pharmacy Strong: Building Upon StrengthsFinder®.

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