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Leadership Exercise: Try This At Home

I’m on this journey. That’s what I’m telling people. It’s a journey of discovery. I’m not looking for anything groundbreaking – just looking for me. Looking for what excites me. Following my curiosities. They same stuff I say to the wonderful people around me I actually say to myself.

So I’m doing the work of self-discovery. Which is wonderful and traumatic in its own way. One of the “trails I’m hiking” is leadership. I’m taking a Values-Based Leadership course at a local university and this past week we were asked to complete the following exercise.

I learned that the areas in which I actually spend time are the areas I want to spend more time in: brainstorming, empowering, collaborating, praising. Reflecting is area of growth for me – meditating a little more here, more quiet time there; so I’m working on that.

We don't have to wait for our leaders to do this exercise. We can start with ourselves, today. Try this exercise for yourself – especially if you are a leader or an aspiring leader. Let me know what you think!

Until next week,



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