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It’s May! You Know What That Means: GRADUATION!

I’m so proud of EACH of you who worked so hard to make it this far.

I’ve been fortunate to meet SO MANY of you and I’m SO excited about your futures. Regardless if you have a clear path or uncertain path ahead – I KNOW YOU WILL DO GREAT THINGS!

Here are some parting words that I shared with a close group of students:

1. Take a minute and look back on your journey. Look how far you’ve come. Close your eyes and picture yourself as a P1 student. Nervous? Excited? Overwhelmed? Take a deep breath and smile knowing you MADE it. You pushed your limits, you went the extra mile, you did more than the minimum – not for fame, not for recognition, not for your CV – BUT TO PROVE IT TO YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF MORE. I often share this quote with students that confidence is not a skill or a personality trait – it’s simply this: “The willingness to try.” Please always have the willingness to try.

2. Are you active on LinkedIn? If not, what are you waiting for???? It’s the easiest, cheapest ($0), and most interesting way to stay connected with people (me!) and meet new people. I love how it crosses every industry and I learn so much every day. My advice: start a profile, include a pic as profiles with pics get more clicks, and spend time on there. Make it intentional. Start with 15 min/week and go from there. Each week, make it a point to send a message to a current connection and say hello, how’s things, and then connect to 1-2 new people. EVERY WEEK. Don’t wait to NEED your network, FEED your network.

3. Your faculty, including me, are always here for you. Even if you think someone won’t remember you, if you need something in the future – reach out. We LOVE hearing from graduates and we wish we heard from more.

4. Yesterday one of you CALLED ME ON THE PHONE. And I couldn’t think of a better time to tell you that there’s a place for texts and emails and DM’s. And there’s a place for phone calls. You decide.

5. Lastly, whatever lies ahead, please know that your degree is YOUR TICKET to a new world of adventures. If the adventure gets boring, you lose interest, or the fulfillment is fading – then YOU get to decide how to write the next chapter. YOU are the main character in your own story – how do you want your book to read?

What advice do YOU have for graduates? Post your best tip below!

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