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It’s Been One Year: Questions to Ask Ourselves

This month we’re going to be reading a lot of articles and blogs about how we’ve survived this past year. Really, we’re the lucky ones. So what do we do with this luck? Let’s think back and ask ourselves the following questions. Reflect on what stands out as important to you. There cannot be change without chaos and there cannot be growth without failure – so let’s dig deep. Journal your answers if you want to ever look back on this in the future.

  • What seemingly stable systems in your life did held up extremely well? For example:

  • Did you have an unconditional stream of love and support when you needed it? And if not, where did you find it?

  • What routines could you no longer rely on (going to the gym, hanging with friends, etc)? And how did you pivot?

  • What was your most vulnerable moment and how did you handle it?

  • What surprised you the most about yourself?

  • In what area of your life were you the most resilient?

  • List one leadership quality that you saw have a direct positive impact on the people in your organization.

  • What is one way you are looking at life differently?

  • Name one reason why you still strongly desire to work in healthcare.

One major lesson from this past year was experiencing life at a different pace, however not all of us were able to slow down completely and stay indoors. We did, however, get the gift of being able to see the next chapter of this story. There’s lessons in the tough chapters – if we stop to think about how they have shaped us to who we are today.

Until next week,


ps. Thought it would be fun to reread my post from one year ago...ah, still an important topic, yet we all need a little more grace when there's a pandemic.


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