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How to Upgrade Your CV in 5 Simple Ways

1. When you list your supervisor/mentor/advisor’s name, you can delete the “Dr.” IF you have their credentials after their name. Credentials are preferred – use Google or LinkedIn to find the correct ones. Then delete “Dr.”

2. In your bulleted list of activities at a job/rotation, list the most impactful/meaningful activities first.

3. When listing your research project, add “Role: ________” and then explain what your role was in the project. If you’re not sure how to word this, email your research advisor/mentor.

4. Make it easy to read and follow. Content is more important than formatting, but too many formatting errors may cost you an interview. There is no “correct” format – ask 3-5 people who are 1-2 years ahead of you if they will share theirs with you. Take the best from all of them to develop what feels right to you.

5. Once you have your draft, find someone to review it for you. Your assigned advisor, your favorite professor, someone at work who reviews CVs often (clinical coordinator, residency director, residency preceptor), or a friend in a pharmacy school – at the very least they will find typos and give you feedback on readability.

More tips on CV content will be coming in a future post! For now, start with these steps and you’ll be off to a great start!

Questions about CV content or formatting? Email me:


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