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How Are You on a Scale of 1-5?

What’s the value of asking ourselves how we’re doing?

Let’s find out.

Answer this question: If 1=not great at all and 5=the best I’ve ever felt, how do you feel today? Let’s say you do this exercise daily for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks you look back and think, wow that was a lousy couple of weeks. Then you check your daily numbers and see 1’s and 2’s. What would that mean to you?

YOU are the only judge of how you feel. Externally we say, “Fine. Great. Doing Ok.” Internally we wrestle with how we’re really feeling. Adding a numerical assessment can provide insight into when you feel your worst and when you feel your best. What number do you see the day before a big test…or the day after? What number do you see after a workout or a good night’s sleep? What number do you see after a family event? How about working a full shift?

There are many articles about tracking happiness or mental health. There’s even apps for that! Here’s one person’s story of how he tracked his mental health daily for one year. He says, “Since I’m a visual person, seeing my bad days marked out on a spreadsheet in bold red colors motivated me to make the next day a green box or at least a yellow one. If I saw too many 1’s or 2’s in a row, I knew I had to do something about it.”

The point is NOT to have all days of 5’s. That doesn’t exist for anyone.

The point IS to try a different approach at measuring how you feel, reflecting on it, and making change where it’s needed.

Who’s willing to try this experiment? I'd like 5 volunteers who want to do this for one month – please comment below or let us know about it here.

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