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Happy First Birthday, 21st Century PharmD!

It was 9pm on a school night. I courageously and nervously emailed 200 of my closest (and no so close) pharmacy colleagues and announced my website launch. I asked them to share it with anyone who they think may be interested.

I had a vision for helping students and pharmacists navigate their careers. I had you in mind.

This profession is full of bravery, hope, long days, and many twists and turns. Our careers are roller coasters of ups and downs; adrenaline and G-force; wind in your face, hands in the air, lots of joy, and sometimes screaming. My own journey of personal and professional development definitely looked like that! I wanted a space to invite you to. I wanted to welcome you into thinking differently about growth and change and success.

The website took 6 months of thinking about and many false starts before it went live. They say starting is the hardest part; maybe that’s true. I set a goal to publish one blog per week. Now 52+ blogs later, this little idea is in a completely different place than what was imagined 365 days ago. Since that hot August school night in 2019, we have a community of pharmacists and students who want to share their big ideas and bold dreams. A space has been created for them to ask their questions, learn more about themselves, and receive the tools to make better decisions about their future. The Facebook group, podcast, masterminds, and book clubs are just the beginning!

Here’s what I want to share:

· If you feel stuck, lost, or hopeless – you are not alone.

· Everyone is on their own journey and is figuring it out along the way.

· Taking action is the next best step. Join a group, talk it out, try something new for the first time.

· YOU have great ideas and YOU are important.

· This world needs YOUR gifts.

· This first birthday celebration is proof that ANYTHING is possible.

Give yourself permission, time, and space to think about where you want to go and why.

If you’re not sure how, that’s what we’re here for. Come check us out:

Thank you for reading, showing up, and growing with me this past year!


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