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E-networking: It's a Revolution, Not a Resolution

I was going to start by saying, This was so much harder back in the day! – but I decided against it and would rather start with this:

It’s so much easier these days!

How many of you have thought:

· Networking is hard.

· Networking is intimidating.

· Networking is only for extroverts.

· It’s too late to start.

· I don’t know how to start.

· Everyone else is so much better at it.

Here’s the truth: you are not alone! Like most things, the hardest part is getting started.

Good news: networking has now turned into E-networking since we’re not at conferences, club meetings, and dinners.

More good news: E-networking is not hard and it’s never too late to start.

Even better news: It’s perfect for introverts and no one else is “better” since this isn’t a finite game [There Are No Winners and Losers in Pharmacy].

I’m so thankful that I was able to share some tips to address this at ASHP’s Midyear Meeting (shameless plug: home study access is still available here) AND the best part was how many people connected with me after the presentation – PROVING that watching one tiny little presentation can boost one’s confidence enough to reach out to a complete stranger! You can be so brave, too, my friend.

Here’s one slide from that presentation – a graphic to explain how one can start making connections on LinkedIn.

1. Start with the people who know your first name.

2. Then connect with those who may know you, but maybe not personally.

3. Then connect with those people who don’t know you exist but who you want to learn more about.

It’s 2021. Maybe you made a resolution to network more. Yes! But it’s more than a new to-do. It’s a lifeline to your future career. Start as a resolution, build habits around it, and become part of the revolution. I could go on and on and on about the importance of networking – excuse me, E-networking, but for now, I’ll tag a few colleagues and see if they want to weigh in with their advice.

If you want to hear a true story of successfully navigating LinkedIn, please listen to this podcast episode featuring Veeral Vyas – and then make sure you connect with him, of course.

Until next week,



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