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Anxiety First-Timer: 4 Suggestions for Pharmacy Students

For some of us, we can recognize our own anxiety setting in. We start to feel more overwhelmed, not sure how we’re going to meet all of our deadlines, and fearful it will all come crashing down. This shows up as irritability, being short with those closest to us, and feeling tense most of the time.

For some of us, we’re not really sure if what we’re experiencing is anxiety. We know things don’t seem ‘normal,’ but what does that mean anymore, really? We know that the stakes seem higher and our plates seem more full, but maybe everyone else is experiencing the same thing?

In pharmacy school, we learn about anxiety but as usual, the best learning comes when something affects you or your family.

In our new way of interacting, outside of schools and inside of homes, students may start to experience a different type of stress. Waves of emotions from high to low, the feelings of wanting to be connected and wanting to be left alone, and sleep that never feels like sleep.

What can pharmacy students do?*

· Protect your health and the health of those around you. This includes exercise, eating well, and taking care of your loved ones.

· Find a classmate you can text to keep each other up-to-date on class announcements and deadlines. Just because we don’t physically see each other, having someone to check in with helps them as much as it helps you.

· Create routines and keep adjusting. Every day is a block of 24 hours. On most days, you can structure this time that is best for your study time, workout time, eating time, and family time. If something doesn’t work, tomorrow is another 24 hour block for you to build another routine.

· Know what resources are available to you. Your school has probably notified you of their new counseling process and availability. You don’t have to seek it out now, but just know who to contact if you need it.

Lastly, I know this is hard but try to find at least one positive in every day. Maybe some days it’s a full list and maybe some days it’s just fresh air and coffee and memes.

What helps your anxiety? Let me know here.

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*[I’m a pharmacist and not trained in any psychology, therefore these suggestions should not be used in place of seeking help from a medical professional.]


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